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Wall Street Wakes Up to Crytpo’s

Goldman Sachs confirmed this week the firm will soon begin to trade Bitcoin linked investments and Bitcoin itself later this year, as they await regulatory approval for direct bitcoin trades. This news doesn’t surprise many in the crypto community as the rumor has swirled for quite some time, despite Goldman …

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Amazon Laying Groundwork for Cryptos?

As Amazon continues to grow exponentially and disrupt other industries it only makes sense it will one day accept cryptocurrencies. That day is not today, however. Coming off a record breaking earnings report of $1.6 Billion it did reveal it would be creating tools that will allow users of its …

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Wyoming Law First to Define Crypto as New Asset Class

After being unable to donate Bitcoin to the University of Wyoming Foundation last year, Caitlin Long and two friends decided to take action. Together, they created the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition and brought five crypto related bills to the Wyoming government –all of which were signed into law recently by Governor …

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Don’t Fear the Crypto Volatility

Like stocks, the Crypto markets can be volatile as anyone who’s been paying attention or owns any knows. Unlike the stock market, however, the volatility in Cryptos is unbelievably massive and not for the faint of heart. Bitcoin for example swung over 30% in both directions several times last year, …

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3 Reasons You Should Own Cryptos Now

Diversification has always been an investing fundamental, and until BitCoin and Crypto currencies came along it meant having Gold, Silver, or Bonds alongside your stocks. Now the landscape has changed and its more important than ever to keep an open mind as we move forward with our money. As prices …

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