Wall Street Wakes Up to Crytpo’s

Goldman Sachs confirmed this week the firm will soon begin to trade Bitcoin linked investments and Bitcoin itself later this year, as they await regulatory approval for direct bitcoin trades. This news doesn’t surprise many in the crypto community as the rumor has swirled for quite some time, despite Goldman …

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Amazon Laying Groundwork for Cryptos?

As Amazon continues to grow exponentially and disrupt other industries it only makes sense it will one day accept cryptocurrencies. That day is not today, however. Coming off a record breaking earnings report of $1.6 Billion it did reveal it would be creating tools that will allow users of its …

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Costco Savings and Secrets

Oh, Costco. How we have a love hate relationship with you. We love the high quality selection, the savings, and of course the free samples throughout the warehouse. We hate the crowded parking lots, long lines, and the fact we can’t leave there without spending at least $100, and entering another …

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