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How to Ride the ‘Melt-Up’

It’s starting to feel like 1999 again. Not in the ‘Party like it’s…’ kind of way, but in the ‘stock bubble’ kind of way. It’s called a Melt-Up, and it happens at the end of the bull market when everyone on your block and their yellow dog is suddenly buying …

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Shopping for Income? This Stock is On Sale

In good times and bad, people love a bargain. Today we have an opportunity to own a company who provides bargains at a bargain –with the possibly of 40% growth in stock price while earning a dividend of 6.2% along the way. Understand, I’m not someone who loves shopping, and …

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Power Up Your Portfolio with Semiconductors

Increasing cashflow. Excellent management. Strong demand for products. Dividend payer. This one checks all the boxes of an investment worth getting in for the long term, and it’s ‘on sale’ with the stock price currently well below valuation. This is Lam Research (Nasdaq: LRCX). Yes, the stock price has skyrocketed …

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How Much is Your Private Data Worth?

The unfortunate ‘good’ news is that your personal information is worth less recently on what is called the ‘dark web’ because there is currently such a high supply of it. Last year alone, between data breaches like the one at Equifax and hacking from cyber criminals, over 8 billion personal …

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Money Basics You Should Have Learned by Now

The difference between people who retire happy with investments / money in the bank and people who end up poor and relying on social security, is understanding the basics of personal finance. It’s infuriating that most parents and schools don’t teach our youth about managing the one tool that controls …

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3 Reasons You Should Own Cryptos Now

Diversification has always been an investing fundamental, and until BitCoin and Crypto currencies came along it meant having Gold, Silver, or Bonds alongside your stocks. Now the landscape has changed and its more important than ever to keep an open mind as we move forward with our money. As prices …

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